About NSP

Nanosoft Polymers (NSP)  specializes in  bridging the gap betwepolymer1en polymer and drug delivery by supplying ready-to-use functionalized polymer & copolymers  for use in therapeutics, devices and diagnostics.

homepage-pic2NSP manufactures and sells a unique collection of functional polymers,  copolymers, and polymer conjugates. NSP's polymer catalog includes functional PLGA-PEG, PLA-PEG, PCL-PEG, lipid-PEGs, poly(L-lysine)-PEG, poly(L-glutamic acid)-PEG and pegylation reagents that can be used in your research involving drug/gene delivery, encapsulation, cell adhesion and surface modification.

NSP also specializes in  polymer synthesis and functionalization, nanoparticle fabrication, surface modification, and custom synthesis of reactive oligomers and polymers with a broad range of molecular weights. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to building a long-term, trusting relationship with our customers  by offering quality functional polymers and copolymers backed up with exceptional customer service and technical support.

High quality We guarantee the superior quality of our products by providing real analytical data  with excellent lot-by-lot reproducibility.

Quick delivery We keep catalog items in stock. Overnight delivery is possible in US. Delivery is quick to other worldwide locations, too.

Simple payment We accept NET 30 days payments, Credit cards, checks, and wire transfers.

Great pricing We provide excellent pricing for our products. Check out our catalog now and compare the prices with our competitors.

Professional support We provide the highest level of technical support to our customers. 

Fast turnaround  Our experienced team work together to make sure quick turnaround for your orders.

New products

Nanosoft Polymers offers polysarcosine , which is an endogenous and has previously shown potent stealth properties.

Nanosoft Polymers offers PEG-poly(α-benzyl carboxylate-ε-caprolactone), which has functional side groups on the polyester block for micelle core modification!

Nanosoft Polymers offers multi-arm PLGAs for drug delivery  and biomedical research! 

Nanosoft Polymers offers Functional linear polyamino acids for drug delivery and surface modification! 

Nanosoft Polymers offers functionalized PEI-PEGs for in vitro and in vivo gene delivery!

Nanosoft Polymers offers Functional linear polyamino acids for drug delivery and surface modification!

Nanosoft Polymers offers Folate-PEG-PLA/PLGAfor targeted nanoparticles!

Nanosoft Polymers offers Folate-PEG-PLA/PLGAfor targeted nanoparticles!

Nanosoft Polymers offers DSPE-PEG-DBCO for copper-free click chemistry!

Nanosoft Polymers offers DSPE-PEG-Azide for bioconjugation by "click chemistry"!

Nanosoft Polymers offers PLGA-PEG-Maleimide, and PLGA-PEG-Amine for gene/drug delivery! 

Nanosoft Polymers offers Azide-PEG-PLL and Azide-PEG-pAsp for gene/drug delivery!

Nanosoft Polymers offers custom synthesis for your special demand. Please contact us!


NSP Products In Literature

Nanosoft Polymers’s lipids for tumor targeted delivery of pheophorbide a in vivo for cancer photodynamic therapy

Targeted drug delivery has been an important issue for tumor therapy including photodynamic therapy (PDT). Folate receptor (FA) is over-expressed on the surface of many human cancer cells.  Recently, a research published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC) has reported FA-targeted nanoparticles carrying a photosensitizer (PS) for PDT of cancer. The nanoparticles were prepared from DSPE-MPEG and  DSPE-PEG5K-folate (Nanosoft Polymers) . The nanoparticles were highlighted with 1) Folate-modified PLGA nanoparticles (FA-PLGA-Pba NPs) were developed with non-toxic materials. 2) FA-PLGA-Pba NPs were stable in aqueous condition for long time without aggregation. 3) FA-PLGA-Pba NPs killed cancer cells effectively upon laser irradiation, and showed superior tumor-targeting in vivo.  In vivo and ex vivo imaging showed high accumulation of FA-PLGA-Pba NPs in tumor site during 24 h after intravenous injection to MKN28 tumor-bearing mice model. These results demonstrate that our FA-PLGA-Pba NPs are useful for tumor-targeted delivery of PS for cancer treatment by PDT.  2018 Apr 6;498(3):523-528. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2018.03.013. Epub 2018 Mar 5.

Nanosoft Polymers’s functional lipid has been used to develop targeted liposomes for precise tumor diagnosis and therapy.

Aminopeptidase N (APN/CD13) is closely related to the growth of cancers and is suggested as a suitable target for anti-cancer therapy.  Recently, a research group used the “one-bead-one-compound” (OBOC) approach on a microarray device to scren out a novel affinity peptide LN (YEVGHRC). It was found that LN could specifically recognize and bind to APN; Moreover, LN-functionalized liposomes (LN-LS) could achieve efficient nano-encapsulated drug delivery under APN-overexpressing tumor conditions in vitro and in vivo,   providing a new strategy for APN-positive tumor diagnosis and therapy.  2017 Feb 28;5(3):417-421.