Poly(ethyleneimine) with conjugated poly(ethylene glycol)s copolymers (PEI-PEGs) represent a tractable and adaptable oligonucleotide delivery system that can be customized and optimized to the investigators’ specific application. By varying the MW of PEI and PEG, and the ratio of PEG to PEI, PEG-PEI drug conjugates, polyplexes or nanoparticulates can be prepared with a dynamic range of size, surface charge, and stability, which can affect the transfection efficiency.

NSP’s PEI-PEG polymers include PEG grafted branch PEI (PEG-g-bPEI) and PEG conjugated linear PEG (PEG-b-LPEI).

PEG-g-bPEI  copolymers have precisely controlled PEG to PEI ratio, that can be used for in vitro and in vivo delivery of oligonucleotides to cells and tissues.



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