Polymers by functional groups

  • Nanosoft Polymers is dedicated to providing biodegradable polymers and copolymers with reactive groups (functional polymers and copolymers) for our customers.
  • Functional polymers have been extensively used in nanomedicine and drug delivery.
  • The functional groups include but not limited to amine, Boc or Fmoc protected amine,  carboxylic acid, maleimide, biotin, aizde, thiol, hydrazide, alkyne, orthopyridyl disulfide (OPSS), active succinic ester, vinylsulfone (VS), acrylate, nitrophenyl carbonate (NPC),  dibenzocyclooctyne group (DBCO), folate, etc.
  • Custom-synthesis of functionalized polymers is available. Please contact us for quote.