Poly(amino acid)-PEGs

  • Poly(Amino Acid)-block-PEG (PAA-PEG) is a type of extensively used amphiphilic block copolymer (ABC) for drug/gene delivery. They can self assemble into micelles in aqueous solution. The formed micelle has PAA core and PEG shell. Gene or drug can be encapsulated or conjugated in the micelle core. The micelle shell can be modified for specific biomarker recognition.
  • NSP’s PEG-PAAs include poly(L-lysine)-PEG, poly(L-Glutamic acid)-PEG,  poly(L-aspartic acid)-PEG, and their functionalized copolymers. Custom-synthesis of PEG-PAA is available. Please contact us for quote.
  • Nanosoft Polymers (NSP) offers Poly(amino acid)-PEGs with high purity and low polydispersity.