Cyclosporine A


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Cyclosporine A, also spelled cyclosporine and cyclosporin,   is a natural cyclic polypeptide immunosuppressant isolated from the fungus Beauveria nivea. The exact mechanism of action of cyclosporine is not known but may involve binding to the cellular protein cytophilin, resulting in inhibition of the enzyme calcineurin. This agent appears to specifically and reversibly inhibit immunocompetent lymphocytes in the G0-or G1-phase of the cell cycle. T-lymphocytes are preferentially inhibited with T-helper cells as the primary target. Cyclosporine also inhibits lymphokine production and release.

Name: Cyclosporine A
CAS#: 59865-13-3
Chemical Formula: C62H111N11O12
Exact Mass: 1201.84137
Molecular Weight: 1202.61124
Elemental Analysis: C, 61.92; H, 9.30; N, 12.81; O, 15.96
Cyclosporin A, 98% (HPLC)

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