1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine-N-poly(ethylene glycol)-Iodoacetyl 

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Product Description

1,2-Distearoyl-sn-Glycero-3-Phosphoethanolamine (DSPE) conjugated polyethylene glycol with iodoacetyl  (DSPE-PEG-IA) is a linear heterobifunctional PEGylation reagent with a DSPE phospholipid and an iodoacetyl group.  Iodoacetyl (IA)  is a thiol (-SH) reactive group that can be used to modify biomolecules or other materials via their available thiol groups.  Iodine group can be easily replaced by thiol group to form a stable carbon thiol bond. DSPE-PEG-IA is used to prepare micelles or liposomes with Iodoacetyl group on the particle surface for bioconjugation via thiol substitution.

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Molecular weight

2000, 3400, 5000

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100mg, 1g