Poly-L-lysine hydrochloride biotin



Product Description

Biotinylated poly-L-lysine hydrochloride or Poly-L-lysine hydrochloride biotin (PLL-biotin) is a positively charged synthetic polyamino acid having one HCl per lysine unit and biotin on the N-terminal. It is a crystalline solid soluble in water. Applications for poly-L-lysine hydrobromide include the promotion of cell adhesion to solid substrates for culture dishes or slides, the conjugation to active molecules for improved activities, the layer-by-layer deposition techniques, and the complexation with nucleic acids for gene expression.

Biotins (BIO)-functionalized polymers can bind to streptavidin and avidin with high affinity and specificity.

Additional information

Molecular weight

3300(X=20), 8,200 (X=50), 16,000 (X=100), 32,000 (X=200)

Package size

100mg, 500mg, 1g