Tritylthiol-poly-L-Glutamic acid/Trt-pGlu



Product Description

Tritylthiol terminated poly-L-Glutamic acid (pGlu-tritylthiol, Tritylthiol-pGlu, Trt-SH-PGlu, pGlu-Trt-SH) is a negatively charged synthetic polyamino acid  terminated with trityl protected SH. It is a crystalline solid soluble in water. Applications for Tritylthiol-poly-L-glutamic acid  include the conjugation to active molecules for improved activities and the layer-by-layer deposition techniques for surface coating.

Tritylthiol Poly-L-glutamic acid  can be offered in form of sodium salts. Trityl group can be easily removed by TFA to obtain free SH. SH-terminated polymers were used to selectively react with maleimide and transition metal surface including gold, silver, etc.

Additional information

Molecular weight

2500 (x=20), 5000 (x=38), 10K (x=76), 20K (x=154)

Package size

100mg, 500mg, 1g