1,2-Dimyristoyl-sn-Glycero-3-Phosphoethanolamine-N-[(polyethylene glycol)]-COOH

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Product Description

DMPE-PEG-carboxylic acid (DMPE-PEG-COOH) is a linear heterobifunctional PEGylation reagent with a DMPE (14:0 PE) phospholipid and a maleimide. It is a useful self-assembling reagent to prepare PEGylated liposome or micelle while also providing a thiol or cysteine reactive maleimide group. It is often used in targeted drug delivery with the lipid bilayer to improve drug solubility, the PEG to provide stealth property, extend circulation half-life and reduce non-specific protein binding or cell adhesion, and the reactive maleimide to bioconjugate targeting molecules including antibody, aptamer, protein, and peptide.

Carboxylic acid-functionalized lipids can react with -NH2 or -OH containing moieties for bioconjugation.

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1000, 2000, 3400, 5000

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