• Specified molecular weight of PEI  and PEG:PEI ratio may be offered by custom synthesis. Please contact us for quotation.
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Product Description

PEI-g-PEG is a graft copolymer of branched PEI (bPEI), which is modified with multiple PEGs of indicated MW. The PEG to PEI ratio is the average number of PEGs per PEI.   Custom service is provided to produce PEG-PEI reagents with any MW of PEI and any MW of PEG at any graft ratio PEG-g(x)-PEI, x is percent ratio of primary amines substituted by PEG.

Copolymers of cationic poly(ethyleneimine) wight grafted with polyethylene glycol (PEG) (PEI-g-PEG) are extremely well-studied compounds that markedly improve the in vitro and in vivo delivery of oligonucleotides (AOs) to cells and tissues. By varying the Mw of PEI, as well as the nature of PEG shielding, PEG-PEI-AO nanoparticulates can be prepared with a dynamic range of size, surface charge, and stability. Each of these properties in-turn influences the transfection capacity of the PEG-PEI-AO polyplexes. In addition, PEG-PEI copolymers are readily functionalized for enhanced efficacy and specificity of cellular and tissue targeting.

Additional information

PEI Molecular Weight

2K, 10K, 25K

PEG molecular Weight

1000, 2000, 5000

PEG Substitution Ratio (%)

10, 20

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