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Polyester poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) is a copolymer of poly lactic acid (PLA) and poly glycolic acid (PGA).  Poly lactic acid contains an asymmetric α-carbon which is typically described as the D or L form in classical stereochemical terms and sometimes as R and S form, respectively. The enantiomeric forms of the polymer PLA are poly D-lactic acid (PDLA) and poly L-lactic acid (PLLA). PLGA is generally an acronym for poly D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid where D- and L- lactic acid forms are in equal ratio. PLGA can degrade into glycolic acid and lactic acid by hydrolysis, while its specific rate of degradation is dependent on its copolymer ratio and molecular weight.

PLGA has been among the most attractive polymeric candidates used to fabricate devices for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications. PLGA is biocompatible and biodegradable, exhibits a wide range of erosion times, has tunable mechanical properties and most importantly, is a FDA approved polymer. In particular, PLGA has been extensively studied for the development of devices for controlled delivery of small molecule drugs, proteins and other macromolecules in commercial use and in research.

Nanosoft Polymers’ Poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) is a high quality excipient for controlled-extended release of drugs, for industrial usage.

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Molecular weight

7-20K, 20-50K, 50-70K, 70-100K, 100-130K, 130-200K, 200-300K

Ratio of LA to GA

50:50, 75:25

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1g, 5g, 10g