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Product Description

Azide capped poly(L-Lactide) (PLLA-Azide, PLLA-N3, N3-PLLA) is a linear polyester capped with azide group. It can be used to prepare azide functionalized nanoparticles.  Azide can be used to react with alkynes cycloocytne in aqueous solution with or without copper catalyst.

Polylactides are a family of biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester.  It is used to fabricate resorbable medical devices that degrade over months in physiological conditions. Due to their  history, polylactides are one of the easiest and most affordable biodegradable polymers for medical devices. PDLLA polymer is amorphous because the polymer composed randomly by the repeating units from L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid. Therefore, the polymer did not show melting point and has inferior mechanical properties than PLLA, so that the polymer is mainly applied for the coating of suture.

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Molecular weight

5000, 10K, 20K

Package size

100mg, 1g