Fmoc amine azide-PEG-COOH



Product Description

Fmoc protected amine and azide conjugated PEG-carboxylic acid  (Fmoc amine azide-PEG-COOH, azide Fmoc amine-PEG-COOH) is a trifunctional PEG derivative, which has Fmoc-protected amine and azidde group sharing one end and -COOH group on the other end.

Fmoc protected amine can be deprotected by piperidine  to free amine which can react with carboxylic acid and its active esters, and isocyanates. It  can also react with carbonyl such as ketone and aldehyde.

Azide were used to react azide group “click” chemistry in mild condition, which is very useful for bioconjugation.

COOH can react with amine or OH containing entities.

Additional information

Molecular weight

1000, 2000, 3400, 5000

Package size

100mg, 1g