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Product Description

Poly(L-Lysine)-poly(ethylene glycol)-Ortho-Pyridyldisulfide (PLL-PEG-OPSS)  is amphiphilic block copolymer that has  PLL as the core-forming block and azide-functionalized PEG as the shell-forming block.  PLL-PEG-OPSS has pendant free amine in PLL block and Ortho-Pyridyldisulfide in PEG block. it can self assemble into micelle with OPSS on the micelle surface for shell modification.

Ortho-pyridyl disulfide (OPSS) reacts with thiol groups to form a stable disulfide bond, while releasing a thiol pyridyl group. This reaction can be used to modify biomolecules and other materials that have thiol groups. OPSS can also react with sulfhydryl or mercapto to form a reversible disulfide bond.

Additional information

Molecular weight of PLL

3000, 7500, 15K

Molecular weight of PEG


Package size

50mg, 200mg, 500mg