Product Description

  • Silane-PEG-Maleimide (Silane-PEG-Mal)  is a linear heterobifunctional PEG reagent with a maleimide and a silane.
  • It is a useful crosslinking reagent with a PEG spacer. Maleimide reacts with thiol, SH, sulfhydryl or mercapto, and silane group can react with glass or other hydroxylated surface or particle.
  • It may be used to introduce thiol or cysteine reactive functional group on hydroxylated nanopartilce, microsphere, self-assembled monolayer or metal chips.
  •  Pegylation can greatly suppress the non-specific binding of charged molecules to the modified surfaces. And they have wide applications for medica device, biomems or biocompatible material development.

Additional information

Molecular weight

600, 1000, 2000, 3400, 5000, 10K

Package size

100mg, 1g, 5g