Synergetic ER-targeting Liposome Nanocarriers with Anti-phagocytic property for Enhanced Tumors Theranostics

Multifunctional nanocarriers have been widely applied due to their enhanced effect on tumor therapeutics. Nevertheless, owing to the natural immune clearance mechanisms in living bodies, nanocarriers tend to be eliminated during blood circulation, thereby impeding their effective arrival at the tumor sites. In a recently published paper, the authors constructed a synergetic targeted liposome nanocarrier system named SELS functionalized with both a tumor identification ligand (anti-ER (Estrogen Receptor) antibody) and an immune targeting ligand (Self-Peptide (SP)). DSPE-PEG-Mal (Nanosoft Polymers) was used to conjugate targeting ligand. The anti-ER antibody could recognize and bind ER-positive breast cancer tissues in a specific way. SP could activate the CD47-SIRPα immune response, which reduced phagocytosis of the nanoparticles by macrophages. Both the enhanced targeting ability and anti-phagocytosis behavior could improve the tumor uptake of the nanocarriers and prevent their immune clearance in living systems. Therefore, drug-loaded SELS enabled improved tumor imaging and therapeutic performance in living systems.  Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 48(7 ) 1056-1063.  2019.