Azide-PEG-poly(L-glutamic acid)


  • Specified molecular weight and molecular ratio may be offered by custom synthesis. Please contact us for quotation.

Product Description

Poly(L-Glutamic acid)-PEG-Azide (pGlu-PEG-N3) is a linear amphiphilic block copolymer (ABC) which has poly(L-Glutamic acid) as the hydrophobic section and azide-functionalized PEG as the hydrophilic section. ABC can self assemble into micelles. P(L-Glu)-PEG-N3 has reactive groups on both sections, i.e. the the pendant free -COOH on P(L-Glu) can be used to modify micelle core and -N3 group on PEG can be used to modify micelle shelll by click chemistry.

Additional information

Poly(L-glutamic acid) MW

3000, 7500


2000, 5000

Package size

100mg, 500mg